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Below you will find wound care resources, including the AAWC Guidelines and Educational Brochures created by volunteer AAWC leaders to advance the practice of wound care. AAWC is proud to offer these free of charge. You may also wish to shop our AAWC Store for additional educational tools and products, such as professionally printed brochures.

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Managing Wounds as a Team

AAWC has partnered with the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) and the Australian Wound Management Association (AWMA) to develop a joint paper on the multidisciplinary approach to wound care. Access the document from the Journal of Wound Care by clicking on the icon to the left.
View educational videos on Wound Debridement from AAWC Past President
– Robert J. Snyder, DPM, MSc, CWS.

Paper on Consensus principles for wound care research obtained using a Delphi process. Read it here.

AAWC Guidelines

Pressure Ulcer Resources

AAWC Pressure Ulcer Guidelines 8.11
AAWC Pressure Ulcer Guideline Evidence Table 8.11
AAWC Pressure Ulcer Care Quick Reference Guide 9.11
AAWC Pressure Ulcer Guideline Algorithm Presentation 8.13
AAWC Pressure Ulcer Guideline Checklist 7.13
Developing a Comprehensive Content Validated Pressure Ulcer Guideline 9.11
Education and Research Opportunities from a Content-Validated Pressure Ulcer Guideline 9.11

Assessing the Need for Developing a Comprehensive Content-Validated Pressure Ulcer Guideline Learn more.

Understanding Pressure Ulcer Research and Education Needs: A Comparison of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care Pressure Ulcer Guideline Evidence Levels and Content Validity Scores Read it here.

Venous Ulcer Resources

AAWC Venous Ulcer Guideline 3.12
AAWC Venous Ulcer Guideline Evidence 6.13
AAWC Venous Ulcer Guideline Algorithm Presentation 8.13
AAWC Venous Ulcer Guideline Checklist 7.13

Development of a Content-Validated Venous Ulcer Guideline Learn more.

AAWC Educational Brochures

Newest Brochure – Defend your Diabetic Feet (A patient guide with tips to prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers)
WIN the Battle Against Infection (A patient guide about wound infections and how to treat them)
Clean Up to Heal Up (A Patient Guide to Basic Information – Debridement)
Take the Pressure Off (A Patient Guide for Preventing and Treating Pressure Ulcers)
¡Quitale La Presión (Una Guía para el Paciente para Prevenir y Tratar Úlceras por Presión)
ABCs of Wound Care (For patients and their caregivers) (Newly revised, April 2015)
The Skin You’re In (A guide to protecting skin from climate and the environment)
La piel en la que estás (Una guía para proteger a tu piel del clima y el medio ambiente)
Dress and Compress for Success (A guide to healing your venous ulcer)
CUBRIR y COMPRIMIR para SANAR (Una Guía para Pacientes para Sanar tu Úlcera Venosa)

Other AAWC Resources

AAWC Quality of Care Wound GlossarySearch to find a standard definitions.

AAWC Patients and Caregivers ResourcesFind WIN Newsletters here!

AAWC Wound Patient’s Bill of Rights
Bill of Rights (English Edition)
Bill of Rights (Spanish Edition)

Seminars for Industry
AAWC independently offers industry seminars at SAWC Spring.
Below is a sampling of topics. Contact us for details here.

  • “What You Can Tell Me to Make Me Want to Buy Your Product” Part 1 and Part 2
  • “How do physicians and practitioners interpret clinical studies and make decisions about wound care products.” Part 1 and Part 2