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Association for the Advancement of Wound Care
WIN (Wounds In Need)

Are you suffering from a wound, like an ulcer or a skin tear? Do you care for someone who has a chronic wound? Our motto is to create Win-Win situations for patients and their personal caregivers. Together, let’s learn about wounds, share experiences, and support each other. 

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Wound and Skin Care Information

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Wound Care Links

AAWC Documents

Wound Patient’s Bill of Rights
Wound Patient’s Bill of Rights (Spanish Edition)

AAWC Educational Brochures

- AAWC’s Newest Brochure -
Clean Up to Heal Up (A Patient Guide to Basic Information – Debridement)
Take the Pressure Off (A Patient Guide for Preventing and Treating Pressure Ulcers)
ABCs of Wound Care (For patients and their caregivers) (Newly revised, April 2015)
The Skin You’re In (A guide to protecting skin from climate and the environment)
Dress and Compress for Success (A guide to healing your venous ulcer)

Spanish Versions

¡Quitale La Presión (Una Guía para el Paciente para Prevenir y Tratar Úlceras por Presión)EL ABC del Cuidado de la Piely las Heridas (Una guía para tratar heridas menores para pacientes y proveedores de cuidados)
La piel en la que estás (Una guía para proteger a tu piel del clima y el medio ambiente)
CUBRIR y COMPRIMIR para SANAR (Una Guía para Pacientes para Sanar tu Úlcera Venosa)

Virtual Wound Education

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