Association for the Advancement of Wound Care

AAWC Scholarship Program

AAWC is proud to offer scholarship opportunities to members.

Revised application for 2016 – coming soon!

You must be a member to participate in this program.  Join AAWC today!

Basic Information & Instructions:

1. Only AAWC Members in good standing for one year prior to application (dues paid in full) may apply for scholarships. Members of the AAWC Board of Directors are not eligible to apply for scholarships.

2. Applications are considered annually during the “Call for Applications” period, which runs May 1 to August 31. You will receive a decision by email notification by October 15. Awards made by check must be cashed or deposited by December 15 of the year of the award.

3. At times, awards may be given retroactively (e.g. your activity is in progress or already took place by the time the decision has been made).

4. Once the amount of an award is determined, applicants must complete a final processing form to secure the award. This is because your status may have changed since your application was submitted, and if so, your application may be reconsidered.

5. Please note that you are requested to submit all materials via e-mail to

6. Since this is meant to be a blinded process, please avoid writing your name in other forms or documents other than page 1 of the application format (e.g. your CV).

General Requirements:

You must provide the following documentation for your application to be complete:

-       Application properly filled out.

-       Your Curriculum Vitae (or resume)

According to the type of application you are submitting, you must also make sure that the following information is in your application:

Teaching Grant:

-     A detailed program with dates, times, the topics covered by the program and the   type of intervention (i.e. conferences, workshop, interactive session, in-service).

-     Curriculum vitae of the intended speakers or trainers (if other than the applicant).

-     Details on how the funds, if awarded, would be used.

Learning Grant:

-       Program name, location, a description of the course of study, course start and end date, and proof of the cost of the program registration.

-       You may also include proof of lodging and travel costs that relate to this education, if applicable.

-       It is recommended that you submit an informational brochure or related materials.

-       The institution from which you are receiving education must be accredited by an approved/recognized governing body.

-       Because wound care conferences are attended by hundreds of AAWC members per year, AAWC does not award grants for SAWC or other wound care conference registration (WOCN, etc). Only higher learning courses and training are considered within this grant process.

Exchange (Travel) Grant:

-       Program/facility name, location, and a contact person (with contact information) at the hosting facility.

-       Projected dates of travel, purpose of trip, a brief statement explaining how this exchange program/trip will help you in your wound care career, and/or how it will help others.

-       Please also provide proof of the costs that you incurred or will be incurring.

The preferred method of application submission is by email. If you need to mail your application, please send using a traceable method – Fed Ex, UPS, Certified Mail, etc. to:

AAWC Business Office
Scholarship Program
83 General Warren Blvd.,
Suite 100
Malvern, PA 19355

Robert A Warriner MD III Memorial Award:

AAWC does not accept applications for this $1000 award beginning in 2015. The AAWC Board of Directors will select an individual who exemplifies similar characteristics of and dedication to the field as the late Dr. Warriner. More details will be posted shortly.

*Important Notice: All information herein is deemed to be reasonably accurate today. However, no guarantees are made as to the accuracy of content or process. To further verify the Scholarship Program information, if necessary, contact the AAWC Business Office at the number below.