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My Venous Ulcer – Vinnie

Wounds Talking Now

I am here to complain about my wound. It won’t shut up! I am so sick of him.  Uhm, no pun intended…

I like to call my Venous Ulcer Vinnie, because it reminds me of that loud mouth character in the movie “My Cousin Vinnie”.  When we visit the doctor, Vinnie is right there with me.  He may not be as smart as I am but he hears the advice for my care.  In a way it is good to have reminders but does he have to be so bossy?  I have to admit he has some good ideas on ways to make sure I follow what my wound care provider says.

Vinnie says it might be a good idea to bring a family member, friend or caregiver to the doctor visit.  He knows that sometimes I am in pain during the wound check and it might create a shock like state that makes me distracted.  He always tells me “pay attention, listen closely to the Doctor, be sure to ask questions about the wound, drugs and dressings.”  When I leave, Vinnie yells at me about the things I forgot to ask. Like how long till I can expect the wound to heal?  What are the next steps if the care I have been receiving is not working? Did I listen to the steps for the dressing changes?  He knows how important it is to follow the instruction page given by the clinic.  When I explained to Vinnie that the page is very hard to read, he said don’t be afraid to admit to your clinic staff that you do not know what to do.

He told me that I need to ask my doctor to mark on the care sheet my personal health plan in large clear letters, and if needed, color-code the drugs and advice.   Also, he thinks it is a good idea for me or my caregiver to take notes. When I am changing my dressings he complains and keeps asking “Are you doing this right?  You’re hurting me!  Call the clinic if you are not sure of what you are doing.  They are your health support team so use them.” He also wants me to keep a record of when I change my dressings, take my meds, and keep notes of any drug reactions and their timing.

When I am at home, resting my wound, he gets mad when I spend so much time on the internet doing fun silly things.  He wants me to search the web and check out the WIN Patient/Caregiver pages of Facebook.  He reminds me that there are lots of great facts and support for wound sufferers.  He says “Aren’t you glad you became an AAWC member?”  Like it was his idea or something! I told Vinnie that nagging will only make me want to ignore him.  Then he reminds me that the only way to get rid of him and his pain-in-the-neck ways is to listen to him and the wound care people.  Don’t you hate it when a know-it-all is right?

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