Association for the Advancement of Wound Care


Thank you for your interest in making a charitable, tax-deductible contribution to the AAWC. Please designate your donation to one of the following three funds. The options for donation are at the bottom of the page. Thanks in advance for your support!

1. AAWC General Fund – Your donation will fund special projects, such as educational brochures, clinical guidelines, newsletters, website, annual clinic/facility directories and wound care image CDs. It allows us to continue our AAWC Speakers Bureau, AAWC Career Center, and many other resources found at our website. Donations fund annual meeting expenses that allow our Association to strategically plan for the future. Such things include 1.) Hosting annual nominations and elections for Board positions so that you can be sure that a strong leadership team is in place to safeguard your organization; 2.)  Collaborating with other organizations to advance wound care universally; 3.) Meeting with and responding to government agencies and regulatory issues; 4.) Board and membership meetings, and strategic planning sessions. Funds in this area also help with AAWC’s administrative, personnel and management expenses. The AAWC General Fund’s main source of income is modest membership dues, so it is important that we receive additional funding from other sources, such as corporate support and annual donations, to keep our ever-growing association healthy and strong.

2. AAWC Scholarship Fund – Your donation helps AAWC to offer the Annual Scholarship Program. Each year, awards are given to worthy candidates selected by the AAWC Scholarship Committee in the following areas: Education, Travel/Exchange Programs, and the Robert A. Warriner, MD, III Memorial Award. Click above to read more about the program.

3. AAWC Global Fund AAWC Global Volunteers are dedicated to bringing the science of wound care to developing countries and North America. Choosing to support this fund helps AAWC to continue working with Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) to develop curricula and to send volunteers to teach the basic principles of wound and lymphedema care at program sites across the globe. It also assists with our newest arm, “US Volunteers,” where we offer support to those US regions, populations or specific groups of people determined to be at high risk for non-healing wounds. Current collaborations include outreach in Indian Country and AAWC member volunteerism with DebRA (

Donate by Check: Write your check payable to one of the funds above, and send it along with your name, address and email address to: AAWC Giving Campaign, c/o Lyn Donze, 70 E. Swedesford Road, Suite 100 Malvern, PA 19355. A receipt will be sent to you. You may make your donation in the name of someone special to you. If so, please provide his/her name and email address so that we can alert him/her, if you so choose.

Donate by Credit Card: There are two options. You may donate by phone by calling 800.237.7285, ext. 4242, or you may click the box below to donate through the Just Give online donation service. You will be directed immediately to AAWC’s page. A small administration fee applies when donating online through this service. You can elect to pay this fee on behalf of AAWC, or it will be deducted from your donation. Click below to learn more.